Have you ever wondered what the word love means?

Today, I sat & pondered about what the word meant to me & this is what I came up with.....

It's that feeling I get right after you kiss me.

The look in your beautiful green eyes when you hold & caress me.

It's the soft touch that gently moves across my skin.

The words left unspoken that don't need to be spoken.

It's the way we understand eachother.

The way I know every part of you inside & out.

It's the fights we have.

The making up we share.

It's the memories we hold.

The happiness in the air when you are near.

It's the way we connect.

The "espn" & mindreading.

But most of all love is supernatural, surpassing, overcoming, & everlasting.

Love is that insurmountable feeling between two people- those two people-- you & me.

So this is what I came up with as I thought, love is not you, it's not me ----Love is us.

I love you more than yesterday, twice as much today, & even more tomorrow

Mitzi Ann May 9,2002

Mitzi & Dustin

Dustin & Mitzi was engaged to get married July 2, 2005

Mitzi & Dustin

Mitzi & Dustin ~ Graduation 2002

John, Dustin & Andrew
This is Mitzi's younger brother. Dustin loved them so much.
they were like his younger brothers,too. Dustin always prayed,
they would see how he treated their sister& learn from him how
to treat a lady.

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