I'm so Glad I have you for my dad.
A dadgives advice & encouragement when you need it,
A dad cares about the things that mean most, to you.
A dad shares all your success & happiness....
A dad loves with a love you never outgrown.
Thank you, Dad.....
For hugs & fun & laughter & the special times we've shared,
For all the countless ways you've found to show how much you've cared,
For your patience & your humor, & all the things you do----
I feel so proud & glad to have a wonderful dad like you.
love you, Dustin

Dustin wrote this to his dad their last Father's Day together.

Dustin was in fifth grade, when he was ask
to do a report, on his hero. This is what he
wrote, I have it framed in our bedroom.

My dad was born in Texas, on July 5, 1962.
They named him Kerry, but his nick name is
Bud. He is the oldest, of three boys. My dad's
faimly has been in at least half, or more of
the fifty states.

My dad has went to at least seven different
schools. He was really accident prone when
he was a child growning up. When he was three
years old, he was ran over by a truck. When he
was five years old a horse took him into a trailer,
& it took thirteen stitches in his head. When he
was nine years old he had to have emergency
tonsilecty,& two weeks after that his, appendex
bursted, then he had to stay in the hospital, for
three weeks.

My dad's faimly moved to Arkansas, when he
was thirteen. He played football all through
high school. His senior year the football team
went to the chamionship, but they lost. His high
school sweetheart was Debbie, they dated a
long time,& graduated together in 1980. They
got married July 25, 1981, at the Assembly of
God Church. A year later, his youngest brother
moved in with them. His name is Rusty, he was
around eleven years old at the time. Bud & Debbie
had their first child, a son, born July 1,1984.
They named him Dustin Lee Hooten. In July we
always have one big party, for my birthday,
Independence Day, then my dad's birthday. Bud
has worked at Evans Feed Store ,since 1981,
& is still employed with them.

Bud & Debbie bought their first home, in 1988,
where they still live to this very day, with their
son Dustin. Someday you may come by to visit Bud,
& he will be gone doing his favorite thing. Out on
the lake with his faimly.

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